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Mashatel is an Online Garden Centre for a wide variety of plants and gardening supplies. Here at Mashatel, we understand the customer’s struggle with finding trustworthy plantation owners or small farmers to buy from. The first hurdle that customers have to face is location as most of the time they are hard to find. Moreover, the process of finding the products that you need sometimes turns into an exhausting and time-consuming ordeal, as it is most of the time, requires visiting more than one place.

Our digital platform acts as an online marketplace where plant and gardening supply shops and small farmers can offer their products and services. You no longer have to make multiple trips to different shops. You will finally be able to save your time and energy. Every plant and gardening supply you could ever need is just one click away.

Our customers can browse through our website and mobile application to find the perfect products for them then easily make a purchase through our provided payment portal.


In line with Kuwait’s green initiatives, we aim to create a virtual marketplace for plantation owners and small farmers to sell their products to customers. We aim to become Kuwait’s number one resource for gardening, building a comprehensive and an easy to use platform that connects plant and gardening supply shops with customers.


Our vision is to make Kuwait green and sustainable. We hope to create more awareness on the importance of being green and to promote products and services that would help sustain a healthy and green environment in Kuwait.


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